Name:Optical Workstation



 Optical Node with Optical AGC GWS1000H4J/F-F++ Adopts Outdoor waterproof casing,2-way design, 4 RF outputs, and Digital LED display the optical Power, voltage, temperature, and some control menu etc., electricity adjustable Equalizer and Attenuator By Key.

●Optical AGC function, RF output level will be no change when -7- +1dBm
●Adopts Digital Step attenuator, achieve accurate electricity and Manual Equalizer/attenuation function.
●LCD display forward optical power, return transmitter power, voltage, temperature, and some control menu etc.
●Support Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ type Net-management system
●2 * Independent high RF output(108dBuv when -7-+1dBm), or 4*distribution RF output(104dBuv when -7-+1dBm)optional
●Centralize power supply AC60Vac or  AC220Vac optional

  • Specification

Item Unit Reference Value Remark
Forward Receiving
Receiving Optical Wavelength nm 1290~1580
Receiving Optical Power Range dBm -7~+1
Frequency Bandwidth MHz 47~1000
Band Sharing MHz 42/54 can be configured according to user requirement
Optical Link Frequency Response dB ±1.5
Return Loss dB ≥14
Level of Test Port dB -20(±2) Compare with output port
Output Level dBμV ≥104(four-way output)

Test Condition:

Connected with 1310nm optical transmitter, -1dBm OPT receiving,59-way PAL-D signal input,10dB equalizing

Optical Link C/N dB ≥51
Optical Link C/CSO dB ≥63
Optical Link C/CTB dB ≥65
Equalizing dB 0~15
Optical AGC Range dB -7~+1
Return Optical Transmitting
Return Laser Wavelength nm 1310±20
Return Output Optical Power mW 1~2 Depends on the output capability of Laser
Return Laser Type
FP Laser DFB laser optional
Operation Frequency MHz 5~65
Optical Power Stability dBm ±0.5
Input Level dBμV 75
Optical Link Frequency Response dB ±1
Return Loss dB ≥14

NPR Dynamic Range


dB ≥15dB FP Laser
Type of Fiber Connector
Voltage V AC60 Or AC220