Name:Dual Input Optical Receiver



 GJS1000H1F-D2 optical receiver has 2-way independent optical signal receiving port, one is main way , the other is backup. The AGC can keep the constant output when the input optical power ranges from -7 to +2dBm, and has the performance of output level and output slope digital control adjustment. The number shows on the digital display. It is equipped with advanced network management system and the SNMP and  WEB network management, and can real-time display and monitor the important information, including received optical power、operating voltage inside the machine and output level.
The Outstanding performance design greatly reduce the system maintenance, and observably improve the network practically and reliability.
●2-way independent optical signal receiving port, with auto or manual switch mode
●47~1000MHz RF operating bandwidth, with the feature of low power consumption and high output 
●Receiving range of Optical power is-7~+2dBm, and accurate and reliable AGC control function
●Adopt low noise optical receive circuit and great performance GaAs RF amplification modules, enhancing the reliability;
●Adopt RF attenuation  to adjust output level、output slope, display on the LED screen
●Support LED screen or network management system setting parameter and status testing, can install quickly and without testing from the professional equipment.
●Aluminum alloy case; the outstanding heat sinking design guarantees the high stability and long lifespan;
●With advanced network control system and LED screen、operating indication light and -20dB RF monitoring port.

  • Specification

Item Unit Parameter Remark
Optical Operating Wavelength nm 1310,1550 Two kind of wavelength
Receiving Optical Power dBm -7~+2
Optical Reflection Loss dB ≥45
Optical Adapter —— SC / APC
RF Output Frequency Range MHz 47 - 1000 ——
Output Level dBuV ≥114 42-way RF signal
Flatness dB ±0.75
RF Reflection Loss dB ≥16
Level Range dB 0~15
Adjustable Range of Slope dB 0~15
Optical AGC control accuracy dB ±1 -7~+2dBm
level of RF Monitoring port dB -20±0.5 Relative to Main level
RF Adapter F type Imperial
Output Impedance Ω 75



C/N dB ≥51 AGC state, -1 dBm optical power receiving;42-way RF signal; 9dB slope testing
C/CTB dB ≥64
C/CSO dB ≥62
General Voltage V AC220 ±10%
Operating Temperature -20~55
Power Consumption W ≤12
Dimension mm 157×136×69 L×W×H
Weight kg 0.8