Name:Mini Optical Receiver (FTTH)



  GJS1000H1F-E is new design indoor optical receiver for HTTH. It looks similar to dual splitter and adopt 12V adapter with one output and AGC function which can retain constant output level and the two color LED light display luminous power status. This receiver is small and exquisite, and easy to install.

●With wide range optical AGC function, and output level is no change under different optical power(+7-0dBm)
●1000MHz working bandwidth,high dynamic optical power input range, meet supper low power receiving requirement(-7dm)
●One output, the RF output level is 76dBuV @-2dBm
●Splitter is suitable for FTTH appliance with small size and powerful function.
●Adopts adapter to supply power.

  • Specification

Item Unit Performance parameter Remark
Down optical receiving performance parameter
Receiving optical wavelength nm 1290~1580  
Receiving optical power range dBm -7~0  
Frequency range MHz 47~1000  
Optical link frequency response dB ±1.5  
Return loss dB ≥14  
Output level dBμV 76

Connect with 1310nm optical transmitter, -2dBm optical receiving, 59-way PAL-D signal input


Optical link C/N dB ≥49
Optical link C/CSO dB ≥60
Optical link C/CTB dB ≥60
AGC control range dBm -7~0 +-2dB
Fiber connector   FC/APC  
Voltage V   Adapter
temperature 0-45