Name:ONT(4+2) Dual Wifi



  Dual Wifi GPON ONT Optical Network Terminal GPM422W2
  GPM422W2 is an high quality GPON ONT, with 11n 2x2/2.4GHz and 11ac 2x2/5GHz wifi, it is designed for home and SOHO users who seek extreme mobility, high speed wireless connection and better wireless coverage while maintaining high-Level security for their Internet connection. This high performance PON router has integrated advanced Firewall, auto-sensing/detection 1000M BASE-T Ethernet ports for local network to meet the demand of high-end market.

  • Specification

Model No. GPON ONT GPM422W2(Dual Wifi 11ac+11n)
Interface 4*GE LAN+2*FXS+1*USB2.0 +1*USB3.0 +2.4G 11n 2*2 +5G 11ac 2*2
Size 207x135x44mm
1. H/W Features
Product Feature Description
LAN Four RJ-45 Port (8p8c, Yellow color, unshielded)
10/100/1000Mpbs GE
N-way, Automatic speed negotiation supported.
Auto-sensing, auto-detection MDI/ MDI-X
USB Interface 1*USB2.0
FXS 2*FXS ports
WLAN 11n 2x2, 2.4GHz, 11ac 2x2, 5GHz
4x internal MIMO antenna by default (External antenna optional)
IEEE 802.11ac compliant
Operating Frequency: 5150~5250MHz, 5725~5850MHz
Bandwidth: HT20/ HT40/ HT80
IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE802.11n compliant
Operating Frequency:
2.4GHz Band: 2400 ~ 2497MHz ISM band
5.0GHz Band:
5150MHz~5250MHz(Channel Numbers:36 40 44 48)
5725MHz~5850MHz(Channel Numbers:149 153 157 161 165)
Output Power:
Ÿ The maximum allowable RF power level is subject to specified nation regulation.
Ÿ Typical RF Output Power (tolerance +/-2dB) and Data Rate at each RF chain, and at room Temp. 25degree C
802.11ac section for 5G Band:
VHT20/ VHT40/VHT80
802.11n section for 5G Band:
HT20/ HT40
802.11n section for 2.4G Band:
HT20/ HT40
- 15dBm at 6M/9M bps
- 15dBm at 12M/18M bps
- 15dBm at 24M/36M bps
- 13dBm at 48M/54M bps
Typical 16dBm (+/-2dB) at 11, 5.5, 2, and 1Mbps
Peak Gain: 2.0 dBi
Impedance: 50 Ohm nominal
Wi-Fi 11b/g/n and WPS Certified (WPS will be optional)
Power Switch support
Wireless ON/OFF Switch support
Factory Reset Button support
TR-069 support
Consol pin None
WPS support
Dying Gasp support