Name:Optical Workstation

Model: GWS1000H4J/F-G+(CMC)


 GWS1000H4J/F-G+(CMC) is an ideal solution for two-way HFC networks. The most noticeable feature is modularization design, and provides good redundancy. It could be loaded maximum 2pcs forward-path optical receiver modules, 2pcs return-path optical transmitter module, 1pc NMS module and 1pc Switch Power supply, with CMC signal function, 4 independent RF outputs.

● Modularization design and good redundancy.
● 1290~1580nm optical wavelength, -7~+2dBm optical AGC.
● RF working frequency up to 1GHz.
● 4 Independent RF outputs, level ≥108dBμV, fixed equalizer and attenuator for each port
● Support 4 independent test point
● Built with Tri-State-Switch on return-path to remotely set bridge, -6dB attenuator, switch off by NMS
● Support CMC return-path, forwarder-path and return-forwarder mixed RF interface, perfect support Docsis EOC solution.
● Digitalize display
● Metal die-casting waterproof housing, suitable for outdoor installation.

  • Specification

Forward path Unit Specifications

Wavelength nm 1310,1550
Input Optical Power dBm -7 ~ +2
Return Loss dB ≥45
Optical AGC Range dBm

-7 ~ +2

(Keeps RF output level change =< -1dB)

Connector - SC/APC or FC/APC
Forwarder RF
Frequency MHz 47/54/87~1000, specify when order.
Number of Outputs - 4 Independent, female F connector.
Output Level dBμV ≥108dBμV
In-Band Flatness dB ±0.75
Return Loss dB

≥16dB (47~550MHz)

≥14dB (550~1000MHz)

RF Test Point dB -20 ±1
Output Impedance Ohm 75
Optical Link Performance

C/N dB ≥51
C/CSO dB ≥64
C/CTB dB ≥62
Test Conditions: Optical AGC, 59-CH PAL-D mixed with 200MHz wide QAM digital signal, 10km optical fiber, -1dBm optical receiving power, 10dB slope.
Return Path


Wavelength nm 1310±20
Transmitting Power mW 1~2

NPR Dynamic Range


dB ≥20 (DFB laser)

Frequency MHz 5/15~65 (Or specify when order)
Input Level dBμV 75-85
Return Loss dB ≥16
RF Test Point dB -20 ±1
Power Supply

Power Supply V

J: AC 60

F: AC220

Power Pass Current A 10
CMC Parameters

CMC DS Input Level dBμv 95±2
CMC US Link Gain dB 0±3
DS IN and US OUT Isolator dB ≥60

Working Temperature °C -40 ~ +75
Relative Humidity - 5% - 95%
Power Consume W =<80

Dimensions mm 435(L)×245(W)×170(H)
Weight Kg 10