Name:Disposable Protective Clothing Medical Protective Coveralls

Model:Medical Protective Clothing


Product name:Medical Protective Clothing

Product Features:Medical protective clothing is made of one or more kinds of fabrics with isolation function against virus aerosol and virus-containing liquid. When taken off, the outer surface of the protective clothing should not come in contact with the human body.

  • Specification

1. Hydrostatic pressure of key parts of the protective clothing ≥ 1.67kPa;
2. Protective clothing\\\'s resistance to synthetic blood penetration ≥ 1.75kPa;
3. The outer side of the protective clothing has a spray rating ≥ Level 3;
4. The filtering efficiency of material of key parts and joints of the protective clothing against non-oily particles ≥70%.

Scope of application:
This product is suitable for occupational protective clothing worn by non-medical protective personnel, and prevents the transmission of viruses from patients to the protective personnel with air or liquid.

Steps for usage:
1. Choose the appropriate size of protective clothing to ensure sufficient space for movement;
2. Unfold the protective clothing, unzip the zipper, put in your legs in turn through the zipper opening, then wear the jacket, reach out your hands from the sleeves, wear the hat, pull the zipper from the front of the chest and buckle in reverse;
3. When taking off the protective clothing, first pull the zipper to the end. Pull up on the hat to lift it off the head and remove the sleeves. Take off and roll the clothing at the same time from the top to the bottom while putting the contaminated side inward until it is completely removed and put it in the waste bag.

Precautions, warnings, and informative instructions:
1. The positions of the left and right front flaps, left and right arms, and back of the protective clothing are the key parts of the protective clothing.
2. This product is a single-use product, and it is forbidden to reuse it. After use, it should be disposed of as garbage;
3. Please pay attention to whether the packaging and product are damaged or have other obvious defects before use. Please check whether the product is within the validity period, if it is beyond the validity period, it is strictly prohibited to use;
4. Please read the relevant instructions carefully before use, and be familiar with the product instructions and operation methods.
5. Do not allow the sleeves to touch the face and collar when wearing. Take care to avoid contamination when removing the protective clothing.
6. If leakage or damage is found, it should be replaced in time.