Name:1550nm Internal Optical Transmitter



● The transmitting modules of this machine adopt the imported DFB laser named SEI and so on.
● The internal RF driving amplifier and controlling circuit of this machine can ensure the best C/N. The perfect and stable circuit of optic power output and controlling circuit of thermoelectric refrigeration device of laser module assure the user the best quality and stable working for a long time.
● The internal micro-processor software has many functions such as laser monitoring, number display, trouble alarm and on-line management. Once the working parameter of the laser is out of the fixed range, there will be a red light glistening to alarm.
● The RS-232 standard connector makes it is possible to manage on line and monitor in another place.
● The machine adopts 19”standard shelf and it can work with the voltage from 110V to 254V.

  • Specification

Model (GFS1550F-ED) 04 06 10
Optic Power(mW) 1×4 1×6 1×10
Optic Power (dBm) 6.0 8.0 10.0
Optic Wavelength (nm) 1550±20
Fiber Connector FC/APC、SC/APC、SC/UPC (Selected by the Customer)
Working Bandwidth (MHz) 45~862
Channels 59
CNR (dB) 51
CTB (dB) ≥65
CSO (dB) ≥60
RF Input Level (dBμV) Not with pre-distortion 78±5
With pre-distortion 83±5
Band Unflatness ≤0.75
Power Loss (W) ≤30
Power Voltage (V) 220V(110~254) OR -48VDC
Working Tem (℃) -20~85
Specification 19"×15"×1.75"