Name:Optical Node



GWS1000H2J/F-M is the new-generation optical workstation. It adopts imported AsGa MMIC amplification chip and power doubled module to realize high-standard 2-way RF outputs. Various parameters could be displayed by digitron. Equalizing, attenuation and AGC range could be adjusted through keys and easy for operation. 

●Optical AGC function, guaranteeing the constant output level when the input optical power is different.
●Digital step-by-step attenuator guarantees the accuracy in electronic tuning equalizing.
●Digitron to display forward and return optical transmitting power, voltage, temperature and menus and keys to adjust equalizing, output level, easy for operation. 
●User defined parameters are savable and could be uploaded automatically when the current is switched on.
●Designed with forward and return -20dB RF test point.
●Two-way distributed outputs or one-way high-level output alternative.
●Allowance for return optical transmitting unit, easy for upgrade and carrying bidirectional network services.
●Allowance for category II network management function, which could allows you to monitor various parameters.
●Concentrative and distributed power supply alternative.
●Field-use aluminum alloy die-casting casing, good sealing, heat-releasing, waterproof, humidity-proof and electromagnetic jitter-proof capability.

  • Specification

Parameter Unit Reference Remark
Forward Optical Receiver
Optical Wavelength nm 1290~1580
Receiving Rang of Optical Power dBm -7~+1
Frequency Bandwidth MHz 47~1000
Frequency Division MHz 42/54 Ordered
Frequency Response of Optical Link dB ±1.5
Return Loss dB ≥14
Level of Test Point dB -20(±2) compare to output port
Output Level dBμV ≥104 Connect with 1310nm optical transmitter, -1dBm optical receiving,59-way PAL-D signals input,10dB equalizing
Optical Link C/N dB ≥51
Optical Link C/CSO dB ≥63
Optical Link C/CTB dB ≥65
Electronic Tuning Equalizing dB 0~15
Return Optical Transmitter
Laser Wavelength nm 1310±20
Optical Output Power mW 1~2 decided by the output capability of laser
Laser Type
FP DFB alternative
Operating Frequency MHz 5~65
Stability of Optical Power dBm ±0.5
Input Level dBμV 75
Frequency Response of Optical Link dB ±1

NPR Dynamic Range


dB ≥15dB FP Laser
Return Loss dB ≥14
Type of Fiber Connector
Voltage V AC60 or AC220