Name:Optical Fusion Splicer



Hand-Hold Optical Test Instruments Optical Fusion Splicer OFS-80A
● PAS Picture digital treatment system
● Files Digital Management System
● Local adjustment, calibration, upgrading, maintain available Digital module
● Friendly and smart menu design
● Multiple Alignment mode: core alignment, cladding alignment, manually alignment
● 9 seconds splice, and 30 seconds heat shrink
● High performance 5.7” color LCD display
● Fiber Slant compensation, Discharge pressure compensation, Discharge temperature compensation

  • Specification

Splice Fiber mode SM, MM, DS( Dispersion shifted), NZDS (None Zero dispersion shifted,G.655)
Splicer mode Single fiber splicer
Cladding Outer Diameter 80 -150µm
Covered Fiber Diameter 100 -1000µm
Fiber Cut Length 8-16mm, Covered Fiber Diameter 250µm,16(standard) or 8-16mm (Optional), Covered Fiber Diameter 250µm-1000µm
Average Splice Loss 0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(DS), 0.04dB(NZDS)
Splice time 9 seconds(standard SM)
Echo Loss > 60dB
Splice Program 53 Group Default, 40 Group user configuration
Estimate Loss Available
Splice Loss Storage 4000 Latest splice result
Screen Display Zoom 300 times when X Axis and Y Axis independent display, Or Zoom 150 times when X Axis and Y Axis simultaneously display
Display Inner temperature, Outer temperature, Local atmospheric pressure, heater temperature, battery voltage
Working environment 0 to 5000m(Altitude) 0 to 95%(Humidity) -10~50℃(Temperature)
Tension test 2N
Electrode life 2500 times
Heat mode 9 Group Default, 24 Group user configuration
Heat time 30 seconds
Heat shrink tube 60mm, 40mm and others
Battery splice/Heat times 150 times(splice/Heat),embedded lithium battery
Power supply AC: 100-240V, DC:11-14V, lithium battery (8000mAH)
Interface USB,VGA
Windbreak performance 15m/s strong wind
Size 150mm(length) x150mm (width) x150mm (height)
Weight 2.7 Kg (without battery), 3.3 Kg (with batter)